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Hi, and welcome to my Bio. In this section you will find information about, you guessed it, me (a.k.a TheSnowDaddy (xbox live)).

About me - Who is "TheSnowDaddy" ?

TheSnowDaddy is a computer programmer from a small town called Spalding in Lincolnshire. I work for a local firm of solicitors as a Visualfiles/SOS developer .I am 34 years old, soon to be 35 on the 17th June. A year closer to the big 40. Im 6ft 2 tall and weight around 16 1/2 stone. I have fair hair with blue eyes and would say that I am averagely good looking. I like to socialise with friends via physcially (e.g going up the pub and having a few drinks) or virtually (e.g xbox live or msn on the PC). I have my own digs a shortish walk from the town centre, about 15 minutes but 12 at a push. My digs is a semi-detached 2 bedroom with garage conversion house.(for more info on the house refer below).

I also have my own motor, its a Vauxhall Vectra. You can't fault the Vauxhall's. I've had Vauxhall's for at least 5 or 6 years now and really enjoy them. I did try my brothers Golf and I must say im impressed. Never driven a golf before but it feels so well made. It drives really nice, nice and smooth.

When it comes to drinking I enjoy nothing more than a good pint of bitter or a pint of ale from my local pub "The White Horse". A brilliant place to drink as you get a good atmosphere, good drinks, all at excellent prices. Of course when I' am not brewing my own cider "Kevarni 2015" which is strong and sweet. If anyone would like a bottle for free. Yes FREE then let me know on the contact form of this website. The biggest payment you can make to me it to try it and see if you like it.

If you do still feel you want to pay something towards it then there are plenty of good charities out there I sponsor a few, Save the children, Guide Dogs for the Blind. There are so many different charities out there and they all need your help.

You often here people complain about things in the UK but to be honest we have it pretty good here. Kid's go to school for free, you can walk into a hospital and get treament for free, you don't have to walk miles just to get water or sleep with any eye open in case the you get shot or a bomb is dropped on you, your not brain washed at an early age into using weapons to kill people, you have running water, food, roof over your head, you can afford items are people in third world countries would take a life time or more to buy.

 Smoke? No, is the simple answer. I used to but have given it up A: Because its not good for your health and B: Save some money (Which at the moment gets blown on other things, so Im not really saving any). If your gonna smoke then dont smoke straights (e.g pre-packed cigarettes that contain lots of nasty chemicals) instead smoke rollups.

Mrs TheSnowDaddy?, no not at the moment, there have been a few lovely ladies that were for a while. But at the present point in time im single and waiting to see what comes along. I dont get upset if im not with someone just means more time for "TheSnowDaddy" time. Which usually involves xbox live or website development. Plus being in a relationship can be a lot of work, you loose a certain amount of independance.

Whilst the above is pretty accruate, and was written, some time ago. These days I am happy just chilling out being an adult lego builder. I am sure there are lots of good couples out there but some couples all the time seem to argue or if they have kids stress out at the children. I am like WTF do people loose themselves in a relationship or becoming a parent. I understand you have to be strict with a child but sometimes it seems wrong. I come from a very strict background in the days where you stepped out of line you got a slap and it hasnt done me any harm. It's good character building and teaches you to respect your elders.

What keeps TheSnowDaddy entertained. Over the years I have tried many things from playing the guitar to going down the gym, but only a few have made it onto my hobbies list and they are social drinking, films (going to showcase cinema), watching DVDs, watching online user videos (e.g stuff put on - search for dry ice (really cool)), xbox 360/xbox live, occasional bit of gardening (as it keeps you fit), golf (ive only played a couple of games but I really enjoy it, theres something about hitting a ball as far as you can that's enjoyable) and web development (which at the moment takes up alot of my time), music(even some classic I like).

As I mentioned above I like DVDs, as long as they are not period dramas. I like pretty much anything even including, sadly to admit, the odd romantic comedy or animated film like "Finding Nemo". But my favorite type of films are sci-fi/horror or cheesy 80's.

Dum, didi, dum, dum, dum dum, didi, dum. I like a variety of music, even, as previously mentioned, some classical music, mostly classic music by Andrea Botticeli (if ive spelt this wrong please contact me). The only music I really dont like is country and weston, that stuff bores the stuffing out of me. Although I like a variety of music my main genres are any thing dance and rock related. Particular favorites of the dance genre are the trance, hard house, drum and bass, sub genres. Which include music from Dj Teisto, Paul Oakenfold, Dj Hype, DjSharpless, Roni Size and many more. Rock music wise, this includes music from Queen, Genesis, Dire Straights, Pantera, Phil Collins (some may think he and Genesis are the same, well that is wrong, Phill collins brought out a couple of solo albums, two of which ive got), Pulp, Blur, Space, David Bowie (his Heathen album is a start to end job), Rammstein, Nine Inch nails, Faith No More. The last two I dont have any of their music at present but I am hoping to get some in the future. Other bands which my brother and my mates,or the Oldboys as I refer to them, got me into is Madcapsule markets and Muse (which I grew to like, the singers high pitched voice used to do my head in).

I also mentioned that one of my hobbies is web development, this is mainly this site which has recently undergone some radical changes . Amazing what you can do with some spare time lol. I have done other various web projects, my first major one being a dynamic language learning system called langease which was constructed for a university project.

Which leads me onto how TheSnowDaddy got his qualifications. Three hard years at college/university is how. Not all students just drink beer and turn up to some lectures, some of us do work hard as we know that the end result will be worth it. Which is a cool ceremony, certificate and letters after your name.

Although its cool having qualifications, the thought of which still hasnt sunk in to this day, can only teach you so much, alot is learnt from experience. Some of this experience can been gained from trail and error which I have done a fair few times. Ive lost count of the amount of times Ive had to reinstall windows 98 and ME. Experience wise I would say I have a general experience of 7-15 years experience.

Next Im going to talk about vacation. I have been on a fair few vacations and theres no doubt I will in the future. These holidays include Butlins (Skeg butlins rules!), Haven (becareful of the sewage outlet pipes on the beach at the one near hunstanton), Turkey (I used used my dads pass to get some beer, i was 16 or 17 at the time), Spain, France (I went here on a trip with the school, really cool trip). As I have mentioned it is likely that I will go on holiday in the future, well theres a couple of places I really would like to see before I die. These places include China and Japan, for the cultural aspects and to see all the latest technology, Eygpt - to see all the cool tombs. Finally i would love to do a around the world trip to see every single Legoland.

Where did it all begin ?

If you think about it in that much depth then, of course the logical answer is when my parents decided that they wanted to have a child, hence me as i am the oldest member of offspring in the family. But getting to the point i was actually born on 17th June 1981 in Pilgrim hospital, Boston. Very cheesy pic of me below, thought i would put it on as its the most recent one

How did i get my name's ?

At the same time my mum was pregnant with me, Kevin Keegans wife was pregnant with their child, so for some reason she decided to name me after Kevin Keegan, and thats how i get my first name, my middle name is Andrew and i cant remember how i got this name, i was told a couple of years back but i have forgotten, so if i do find out then i will update this page. Theres no need to explain how i got my surname as thats a bit obvious.

During my years at primary school and secondary school, i acquired the following nicknames:

Wheres my hood ?

I have spread my wings a while ago and now live on my own in my own house, i moved here in May 2008. Completely different from living at my parents, or other places I have lived, for example more bills to pay, gas, electric, water rates council tax, phone bill, shopping. But its worth it for the sense of independence i get by living on my own. My house is a proper batchlors pad, plasma screen tv, nice stereo, xbox 360 and ps2. The house has all the usual stuff a house does I guess, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, two bedrooms (three if you count the garage conversion) and a conservatory.

The second, oh residence da TheSnowDaddy, is a flat which i rented for apporximately a year and spent some considerable time and dollar doing up. Refer to the Photos section for more information.

The third one is actually not that far from the second, inpact its a floor above where I am now, slightly different layout to my current flat and no garden!!, so no fat burning garden exercise. It was, however, cheaper than my current flat a whole £20 cheaper a month. The heating system was easy to use, push the black tabs in when you want the heating on, set water, radiators or both. The heating system in my current flat you need to be a brain surgeon to work the damm thing. Sometimes I think theres too much technology, or maybe the right amount but in the wrong places.

The fourth one is my parents house, which is in Spalding The third hood was a room that i rented off my best mates mum for £50 per week, which was all inclusive, apart from the internet, i paid for a seperate phone line and internet account. I moved into my fourh hood, roughly round May 2000, the good thing about this hood is the fact that it was close to town, and at nights you used to get all the fit gals walk past when coming back from the pubs. So you can imagine the sort of things that used to get shouted out the window by me and my mates.

I gained most of my independance while living in my fifth hood, this included going food shopping, doing my own washing and ironing, overall i think the third hood turned me from a child into an adult and also gave me the determination to do well. As the old saying goes "You dont get anywhere in life unless you work hard"

Who's the direct members of the Sharp family ?

Dad - My Dad is 53 or 52 i cant remember exactly and is the head of the house hold. My Dad retired about ten years ago due to illness, before that he was a BT engineer for 20 years. I always remember my Dad being very strict when i was a kid but now he's much more mellowed out.

Mum - My Mum is 50 and is the second head of the household, my Mum mostly manages the financial side of the house, this includeds the paying of bills. My Mum has mostly been a carer working for Social services most of her life, but she did used to work in a bar before that, which is where she first met my Dad.

Me - Currently a Software developer for a local firm of solicitors. I get job satisfaction, good hours, great people I work with and a very good pay packet as well. My social life doesnt exist at the moment as I have been spending alot of time on this website out of work hours to try and get it redeveloped and also working on the new version of ePeep chat. Which will hopefully go fully live at the end of this year.

Paul - My brother is 26 and is the youngest member of the family, the baby as most families would say. He has been working for the past four years and has had his own house for the past year and a bit. He is in the process of doing his house up at the moment and is doing really well.


GNVO - Art and Design intermediate level

A two year course flexing my artistic muscle. Undertaken at the Gleed Boys Joint Sixth Form.

BSc - Computer Studies (Hons 2.1)

A total of three years done through an associate college of University of Leceister and Sunderland. The combined HND and degree covered a variety of subject areas concentrating in software development but also covered other areas like computer hardware, A.I, networking.


JSP and Java Servlets

Java Server Pages and Java Servlets. Using Java Servlets and JSP to deliver re-usable web based content. In both client and server architecture.

Java applets

Use of Java Applet Swing JEditorPane, hyperlinking to external page (member profiles), amongst many components to deliver chat based applications.

Java standalone application development

Developing standalone based java applications to handle scheduled website backups to remote network location.

Apache Tomcat

Installation and maintenance of new and existing applications. SSL and non-SSL application integration. Integration with third party database systems.


Installation and maintenance of new and existing databases. Scheduled backups.

ASP and

Installation and maintenance of new and existing applications. These includes intranet based websites.


Installation and maintenance of new and existing applications. MySQL, HTML email, Barclays EPDQ online payment services integration.


Developing custom VBA code and macros for third party application intergration. This intergration includes the generation of ASP based report packages and progress based case management systems.


Developing and maintaining Visualfiles applications. The intergration of some of these applications with third party software. Such as Microsoft Office based products.

Domain administration

Registering of domain names and web and email dns records management.

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