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Welcome to the portfolio section, you will find details of projects I have worked on or I am working on in this section. To visit one of the websites clicking on the corresponding thumb image.


Ted's the good hearted bear who loves his family, he is devoted to each and every one of them. Geraldine Bear is Ted's oldest daughter and she's the apple of Ted's eye. Then comes Josephine, the next oldest daughter, always doing things together with Geraldine. Then Gerald and Jonathan, mischievous brothers together. Next, two of the younger bears, Ezekiel and Rebecca. These two bears were named by their grandfather Josh; he is a bear who believes in the bible. Then last, but not least, come Sticky and Sophie, the youngest bears of the family.

SocialPeepl, bringing your peepl closer. SocialPeepl offers a range of services from knowledgebase of media formats to over 6 java applet chat rooms. All completely 100% free.

Langease, teaching your language. A completely 100% free electronic foreign Language learning aid. Follow the set 17 lessons or test your knowledge across five question and answer formats all completely random so you never get asked the same sequence of questions and answers again., a website all about the wise and wonderfull words of giddy. Check it out you will find loads of free stuff. Like poems and recipies and a bit more about such a great mum of this developer.

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