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Shadowless Children

The story contained on this page is the work of myself, it is unfinished. Maybe oneday i will finish it, who knows, but it is here for all to read if they you so wish to.


In the small village, West Pinchbeck just 3 miles from Spalding. Lived about 300 people of all ages, which included bored teenagers and OAP’s in retirement. West Pinchbeck was a peaceful village with its own church and graveyard, it also had a couple of pubs and a shop. A bus only came through the village every Tuesday and Saturday in the morning and evening, but there was a school bus each morning for all of the school kids. But most of the other villagers either had cars or caught the Tuesday and Saturday buses. A mobile library van visited the village once a week normally on a Thursday. Although this was a small village it was expanding as the local farmer had just sold a couple hundred acres of land to a building company. The land was set aside land, which the farmer had sold because he needed the money for some new agricultural equipment, which would help him to increase his monthly turnover.

The farmer sold the land to a building company called Stamford homes. Stamford homes were looking on expanding this business as well by investing in some more properties. Stamford Homes had been going for about five years and was doing extremely well making a 68% profit margin on each house sold. Stamford Homes had already begun clearing the land ready for building on.

Most of the villagers were interested in the new expansion to their village, but others were against the idea. As some of them had formed a petition against the development at the local village meeting held at the church. But the council had decided to still go ahead with the development.

Some the villagers were against the development as they were building on sacred land which some of the villagers claimed that the land held supernatural powers. Others believed this to be an old wives tales made up one night in the Horse and Jockey by a couple of under age drinkers. Although people still believed it to be an old wives tail, they still didn't go near the area, just in case it was true. About 50 years ago on Monday 28th April something terrible happened which cost the lives of 24 children and a couple of teachers. During a normal school day, when Britain was still at war with Germany. A Lancaster bomber was flying back to base cutting cross the main land as it was badly damaged and was attempting to make an emergency landing. The Lancaster bomber was still armed as the bomb releasing mechanism had been damaged while in battle. The Lancaster bomber was experiencing trouble with its main engines. They had already lost the power in two of the engines but they could still fly on the power of two.

Chapter 1

Round about 50 years ago to the present date....

On board the Lancaster Bomber, the plane had just lost engines three and four and engine two was smoking. The plane radio had also been damaged, cutting the planes communications off with base.

Pilot: Mayday, Mayday this is B6-40, engines three and four are inopperational engine two is smoking, over

Pilot: We require urgent assistance, our location is unknown and we are running out of fuel, over

Pilot: Sir I'm getting no response from base and engine two is smoking heavily

Co-pilot: Suggest temporary shut down of engine two

Pilot: Increasing power to engine one, shutting down engine two, engine two is shutting down

The second engines propeller slowed down, jolted and stopped. The smoke was still pouring out of the engine

Pilot: Sir number two is still smoking, hang on sir sorry my mistake all smoke has ceased

Co-Pilot: Preparing to restart number two, reducing power from engine one

Pilot: restarting engine two

The propeller blades started to judder as the engine restarted, but something was wrong the propeller was not spinning. The plane started to shudder harshly

Pilot: Sir, engine two is not working properly and she's shaking up

Co-Pilot: I've got a red light on engine two,

Pilot: Try shutting down the engine again

Co-pilot: Shutting down number two, no response from the controls, unable to shut down engine

The plane started to shudder and shake extremely harshly. Then the plane shuddered really bad and then went quiet. The controls shut down, the pilots got very worried wondering what was going on.

Pilot: I've lost control, nothings working and we are slowing down, Co-pilot check your controls

Co-Pilot: All controls are down and were rapidly losing speed

They were both confused and terrified the co-pilot looked out of his window realizing the reason why they had lost control. The second engine had been blow off, just leaving a dented wing. The Pilot looked out of his window to notice that number one was still working.

Co-Pilot: We've lost engine, what about engine one

Pilot: Number one is working correctly, no problems, prepare for emergency evacuation procedure

The rest of the crew slung on their parachutes and jumped out of the plane, the pilots knew that one of them had to stay and control the plane. The only way to decide each of their fate was with a game of Heads or Tails. The pilot removed a penny from the top right hand pocket of his uniform.

Pilot: Heads or tails?

Co-pilot: Tails

The pilot flipped the coin, the coin landed in the palm of his other hand. Stilled covered by the hand that flipped the coin slowly he removed his hand to discover that tails was showing. The pilots face turned from healthy red to a pale ghost white, the pilot looked towards the Co-pilot.

Pilot: Looks like I'm flying this one alone

The co-pilot was happy and relieved, but felt sorry for the other pilot

Pilot: Do me a favor, give this to my wife it’s our wedding ring

Co-pilot: Good luck Jack

Pilot: Quick get out of here before it too late

The co-pilot grabbed his parachute from under his chair and put it on, then as he was making his way to the jump door he had a last look at the plane. Then he stood at the edge and just fell forwards out of the plane.

Nearby a couple of farmers were having their lunch brakes

John: Hitler's progressing quickly into Poland

Daniel: But our troops are strong in number that will give us the advantage of stopping them

The two farmers heard a whooshing noise coming from behind them the two farmers turned around to notice a plane flying extremely low and smoking.

Daniel: That's flying a bit low isn't

John: Looks like it’s in trouble, look one of the engines is smoking, I hope it doesn’t land in my field, I don't bloody army on my land they will ruin the ground

Daniel: There it goes, it heading toward West Pinchbeck, come on lets make our way into the village

At the village school the class was in a discussion about airplanes, one of the students called Sarah was sitting by the windows, half asleep, the teacher looked at Sarah and shouted

Mrs. Pringle: SARAH, pay attention while you’re in class our you will be in detention

Sarah: Honestly Miss I was listening

Mrs. Pringles: Answer the question I just asked then

Sarah: Could you repeat the question please Miss

Some of the other pupils giggled

Mrs. Pringles: QUIET, There is a picture of a plane on the board I want you to identify it

Sarah wasn't sure she only had little knowledge of planes and only knew a couple of them, so Sarah stared out of the window to the right of her desk and and her face froze

Mrs. Pringles: Come on Sarah, it’s an easy one

Sarah: Lancaster bomber

Some of the other pupils laughed

Mrs. Pringles: No, Sarah it’s a spitfire

Sarah: No, it’s a Lancaster

Mrs. Pringles: It’s not a Lancaster bomber, it’s a spitfire do you understand

Sarah: No Miss, its a Lancaster

Mrs. Pringles: Right that's it

Mrs. Pringles stood up and walked towards Sarah’s desk, Mrs. Pringles stood staring at Sarah with her arms crossed

Mrs. Pringles: Sarah, look at me when I'm speaking to you

Sarah raised her finger and pointed outside through the window

Sarah: It’s a Lancaster Miss

Mrs. Pringles: For the last time its not a...

Mrs. Pringles looked towards the window and saw a Lancaster bomber heading straight towards the school, but it was to close to do anything. Not even enough time to evacuate, Mrs. Pringles just froze like a statue and her face went as white as a sheep.

Back in the cockpit of the bomber

Pilot: Mayday, Mayday, can anyone bloody hear me, I need urgent assistance, number one has just cut out, I repeat, engine one has just cut out. I have no power at all, over

No matter how hard the pilot tried he could still not get help and he still had no control over the plane. The plane started to descend very quickly getting faster and faster but there was not enough time to steer the plane away as the plane was to close to the school and it would hit the school anyway.

The plane flew straight into the school then the bombs exploded on impact, due to the pressure of the crash. The school was on fire the plane was partly sticking out side of the school, the plane had completely cut off the school entrance trapping the teacher and the pupils inside.

The farmers turned up at the scene. It was terrible, the farmers could hear the cries of children as they were burning to death. The farmers had never heard anything like it, they rushed over to the school, the cries and screams got louder, and they could hear the children shouting for help. But the farmers knew they could do nothing as help was to far away and no water was insight and the fire brigade had been called out to a fire in Spalding. One of the farmers ran into the village to get help.
John: Please help, help

The only person John could see was Officer Chapman. John ran towards him ranting and raving

Officer Chapman: Calm down, what's the problem?

John: The schools on fire

Officer Chapman: Right, knock on every door and get people to help and get them to bring some bucks full of water, ill do the same.

The whole village rushed down to the school with bucks and pans of water bucket after bucket they tried to put out the fire, but it was no good the fire was to strong for them.
The school burned all through the night it could be seen from Spalding, as it was that bright.
Most of the villagers stayed up all night praying for the souls of their children.

It was a new day, the sun had risen to the birds singing and the turkey crowing. People started to wake from their deep sleeps and get ready for the day ahead. What once was the village’s school was a pile of burnt rubbish and ruins. Only once, the ruins had been cleared would the reveal the true horror. All of the people at the scene had not slept at all that night, many were exhausted as they tried to put out the fire all night. About eight o’clock in the morning the fire brigade turned up at the scene all still dressed in their fire fighting gear. The fire chief instructed the fire fighters to get to work straight away with the hope of finding the children of the village still alive.

Two hours had passed and still no sign of them. The fire fighters knew what they were expecting, and then one of the fire fighters found something.

Fire fighter 1: Sir, quick over here

The chief dropped what he was doing and rushed over to the fire fighter and so did a couple of the others, running as fast as he could.

Fire chief: What have you?

Fire fighter: It looks like a corpse

The fire chief looked at the corpse that was hanging out of the planes cockpit window. The corpse was badly burnt and was not recognizable. But the chief assumed this was the pilot of the plane.

A couple of minutes later two ambulances arrived at the scene, they rushed straight over to the commotion. The first medic walked over to the fire chief.
Medic 1: What have we got

Fire chief: it looks like the pilot of the plane and he looks dead, he badly burnt and unrecognizable

Medic 1: Right ill just check for signs of life

Fire chief: Is he alive?

Medic 1: No, I have no signs of vital activity

Fire chief: Get this corpse out of here and place it on the ground over there, someone contact the RAF and find out what's going, maybe they can tell us.

After many more hours they found what looked like the remains of 20 children and one adult all the same as the pilot. As time passed and the dead were buried people forgot about the disaster which took place, the families of the dead rebuilt their lives but still lived with the memory of the children in their hearts.

Chapter 2

Over the next space of fifty years the village expanded, allowing for the development of new houses. The land on which the school once stood was bought by Stamford homes after being in the hands of a local farmer for 49 years.

It was a Tuesday morning in mid November and it was getting close to Christmas. On this morning as any other morning stood the group of school children waiting for the 8:30 bus to school. Two of the children at the bus stop were called Sam and Amy, another girl called Natalie normally accompanied them.

Sam was a dark skinned girl with fairly long hair and always wore make up even for school, she had just turned 15 and felt a year older or maybe that was that her breasts were bigger. Sam always dressed to impress as she's always did, this was because she had her eye on a lad called Howler, which she had liked for ages.

Amy had the same figure as Sam but was light skinned and she had fair hair about the same length as Sam’s. Amy was 15 and was already looking forward to her 16th, as her dad, Alan had promised her a special birthday party for her 16th, also like Sam Amy had someone she had her eye on a boy called Ben who goes to the Gleed. But she knew that he wasn't interested but Amy still kept trying.

The two girls were discussing their evenings

Sam: Yeah, I watched Eastenders last night, Pat had decided to invest in her own business

Amy: Oh what about Steve shagging that prostitute

Sam: What the one behind the bar in E20

Amy: Yeah, now he thinks he’s got aids

Sam: Ah, did you see Buffy

Sam and Amy pull out a fag and lamp it up they both inhale deeply and then exhale

Amy: You were saying?

Sam: Did you see Buffy last night

Amy: No, I missed it, was it good?

Sam: It was okay, Buffy nearly died

Natalie: Crash us a fag Sam

Sam: I’ve only got a couple left, enough to last me today

Natalie: Go on, you had two off me yesterday

Sam: Okay, here you go

Sam pulls a fag out of her packet and passes it to Natalie. Natalie pulls out a lighter and lamps it up. Natalie raises the cigarette to the lips of her mouth and begins to inhale after taking her first drag on a cigarette after about eight hours she feels the serge of nicotine racing throughout the vains of her body. She pulls the cigarette from the lips of her mouth and exhales in a deep smoke filled breath. Natalie continues to smoke her cigarette keeping an eye out for her mother making sure that she didn’t see her with a cigarette on the go.

Natalie was a fairly chubby girl with died blonde hair and always hated going to school as it meant she was missing out on morning television. She spent most of her Friday and Saturday nights spent in the local pub chatting up vinny and Wayne. However hard she tried they never gave her a look in. She was a fairly complex person due to her father who left when she was very young and her mum’s boyfriend wanting to marry her mum. Natalie dealed with these problems the same way she always does which was normally four pints and slagging off her x boyfriend. Her boyfriend Kevin who had been going out with her for eight months, although Kevin was four years older than she was that didn’t bother him had recently dumped Natalie. He had dumped her as he had found out that she had been cheating on him with and this was enough to piss off any lad. They occasionally saw each other threw the window of a passing car. Instead Kevin had found someone else who he knew he could trust. Her name was Michelle, Michelle was Amy’s sister and Kevin only realized that Amy was one of Natalies best mates a while after he had been going out with Michelle. To Kevin Michelle was everything to him, he thought she was the long lost 17th century girl who he had fallen in love with in his dreams when he was a little boy. Kevin got on well with her parents and her sisters. Michelle had another sister called Chloe. Chloe was only eleven but always wanted to act like her big sister Amy

Kevin and Michelle first meet at ITeC where they were both doing an IT course. He had only really thought about Michelle in that way when Ann had told him how much Michelle really liked him. Finding that out, Kevin was really excited as a girl had never felt about him this way before.

Back at Michelle’s house . . ..

Kevin pulls up in his blue Austin Maestro which he had just recently finished repairing. Kevin got the usual welcome from the dogs barking at the window. He made his way towards the front door and as he did it was opened by Michelle

Michelle: You’re a bit late aren’t you
Kevin: Sorry I had to sort out the washing before I could come out

Michelle: Do I get a kiss then

Kevin walked into the hallway and gave Michelle the kiss she had long been waiting for then he proceeded into the front room. As he was opening the door he could see a crowd of Dalmatian faces which looked at him in happiness there tails started to wag. As the door opened fully the five dogs started to jump up a Kevin all demanding fuss. Kevin loved the five dogs he always gave them a good welcome every time he went round.

As the door was fully open he saw Lynda sitting on the sofa watching the television. Lynda was Michelle’s mum her dad was at work

Lynda: Hello Kevin are you alright

Kevin: Yeah not so bad thanks, and you

Lynda: Okay just the usual Dash chewed one of the cushions again. Make Kevin a drink Michelle

Kevin walked over to dash and knelt down

Kevin: What are we going to do with you little dash

Dash looked up at Kevin wagging his tail in excitement and then he started to lick his face

Michelle: I’m not your slave Kevin (She said jokingly)

Michelle: What do you want

Kevin: Tea please

Michelle walks off into the kitchen, Spice and Lucas follow thinking its teatime.

Lynda: How’s your mum and dad, Kevin

Kevin: Not so bad they are shopping at the moment

Michelle: How did your appointment at the doctors go, what did he say about your black outs

Kevin: He said I could be blacking out due to working to hard and he said I should take it easy a bit more. That’s not easy when all you hear is Kevin Kevin come and get the pots washed

Kevin’s vision starts to go blurry, Lynda's voice starts to sound really deep and slow then it all goes black. While Kevin is blacked out he see’s what he thinks is a dream. He catches a glimpse of some white blobs in the shape of figures of animals.

Lynda: KEVIN, KEVIN can you hear me

Kevin quietly moans, shaking his head side to side. His eyes slowly open to see a blurred vision of Michelle’s front room with Michelle’s mother standing over him

Kevin: Where am I, is that you mum?

Lynda: KEVIN its Lynda calm down you have just had a black out, Michelle get Kevin a glass of water

Michelle walks off into the kitchen and pours Kevin a glass of water. Kevin starts to come around his vision becomes clearer.

Kevin: What happened?

Lynda: I think you had a black out

Michelle walks back in the room with a glass of water

Michelle: I don’t think you should drive back tonight

Lynda: Michelle’s right Kevin, you can stay here if you want

Michelle don’t worry I will let your mum know

The hours of the day pass, Kevin and Michelle amuse themselves by watching daytime television.

Lynda pops to the local post office to get some stamps and a couple of toilet rolls. Lynda walks in the door after a five-minute drive to the post office and she is greeted by the warm smile of Alf the owner of the post office.

Alf: Hello, how’s things

Lynda: Not so bad, Michelle’s boyfriend Kevin had another black out but he’s okay now

Alf: has he been to the doctor about it?

Lynda: Yeah, the doctor says it probably cause he is doing too much work

Alf’s eyebrows rise slightly

Lynda walks over the post office counter and pulls out the four letters from her left pocket and places the letters on the counter and then pulls her purse out of her right pocket

Lynda: Can I have four first class stamps please Alf

Alf: Here you are, that will be one pound and four pence please

Lynda pulls a five pound note out of her purse under it she sees a collection of coins ranging from 1p’s to pound coins

Lynda: Hangon Alf I might have the exact change

Lynda shove the five pound note back into her pocket and with her fingers carefully picked out the one pound and four pence. Amongst the collection of coins nestled a selection of old sweet wrappers and receipts. She passes the money to Alf, Alf gives a slight smile while he sorts the money into the till. Then she is passed the stamps by Alf that she sticks on the envelopes.

Lynda: Can you put these in the post for us please Alf

Alf: Yeah sure

With that Lynda looks at Alf and politely smiles at him and then she leaves.

Back at Michelle’s house. .

Michelle: Please Kevin give me the controls

Kevin: Come on Michelle, do we have to sit and watch sunset beach its so crap

Michelle: It’s not, your brother watch’s it

Kevin: He only watch’s it because of all the big breasted actors on it and you only watch it because of all the blokes on it and all of the crappy dilemmas.

Michelle: What about x-files, you only watch that because it’s got Gillian Anderson in it

Kevin: True, but that’s beside the point at least it has a good story line to it, I just hope they bring the dam program off the air.

Michelle: Please, Please

Kevin: Okay, here you are watch Sunset Beach then

Michelle: Thankyou

Michelle gives Kevin a Good snog and then continues to watch Sunset Beach. Kevin lifts himself up from the armchair and stands on his feet stretching his arms outwards then they drop to his sides.

Michelle: Where you going?

Kevin: I’m going to get a cup of tea, do you want one

Michelle: Please

Kevin walks through into the kitchen to see Barney (a black and white cat) walking along the work surface towards the cooker. Kevin always seems to make allot of fuss of this cat and Barney always likes to be fussed. Kevin walks over to the cooker pulling the door close behind him.

Kevin: Hello Barney

Kevin starts to stroke the cat, he replies by purring at Kevin. Kevin then grabs a mug off the mug tree to the right of the cooker and then moves the work surface to the left. Barney follows him thinking its teatime even Kevin knows this.

Kevin: Its not for you, teatime isn’t for another hour or so

Barney sits down and watch’s Kevin. Kevin pulls the sugar tin off the shelf above him and removes the lid then adds two spoons of sugar to the mug. Kevin then returns the sugar tin and just adds the rest of the ingredients into the mug.

Kevin then realizes that Michelle wanted one as well so he gets another mug off the mug tree and makes Michelle a cup of tea.

Its now about twenty past four and the school bus pulls up outside to drop Amy and Chloe off from school. The dogs see Amy and Chloe across the road from the living room and they begin their usual welcome of barking and jumping up at the window. Kevin grabs the two mugs of tea and walks back through to the living room. He passes Michelle’s mug of tea to her. Next thing kevin notices is Amy and Chloe walking through the living room door both bickering at each other about A1. They both look cold and all fired up

Chloe walks over to the other sofa in the living room and sits down chucking her school bag on the floor. Amy parades through into the kitchen looking through the cupboards for something to eat, only finding a packet of half-full digestives. Amy grabs the packet and walks back into the front room slamming the door after her. She walks over the sofa where Chloe is sitting and sits down saying “ Move up you fat cow “

Chloe: Shut up you bitch

Amy: Shut up or ill hit you

Michelle: Will you two give it a rest

Chloe: No not until this fat bitch shuts up

Michelle: Chloe go in the other room

Chloe hesitates

Michelle: NOW Chloe

Chloe walks off in a mood slamming the door behind her. Kevin tries to stop himself from laughing. Because seeing Amy and Chloe fighting reminded him of himself and his brother at that age but now thinking about it only makes him laugh.

Amy: What you laughing at, you need not start

Amy directs to Kevin looking at him with blood red eyes. Kevin doesn’t want to cause any problems so he makes up an answer

Kevin: Not at you, I was just thinking about when some mates and me bombarded snowballs at the buses

Amy then turns her head to her right facing the television. Kevin takes a sip of of tea then he replaces the mug back on the shelving unit beside him.

A white metro pulls up in the driveway and the dogs heads stir in anticipation. Wondering whom this car belonged to. Lynda steps out of the car and the dog start wagging their tails in excitement. Lynda walks across the swampy front lawn to get to the front door. Lynda opens the front door and Oscar rushes past her.

Lynda: Better get Alan to fix this door its like trying to open a door that’s about 20 years old.

But even Lynda knew that there was more chance of her winning the lottery than Alan fixing the door. Lynda then barged her way into the front room past the dogs.

Michelle: Hello mummy

Kevin: Alright Lynda

Lynda: Hello everybody

Amy: Hello, did you get us a chocolate bar

Lynda: No I didn’t Amy, you will have to wait until tomorrow when I go shopping

Lynda removed her bag from her arm and placed it at the side of the sofa. Then she went off into the hallway to hang her coat up.

Kevin: My car comes out of the garage on Thursday

Michelle: What’s wrong with it this time?

Kevin: The exhaust dropped off on the way to Boston.

Michelle: There’s always something going wrong with your car

Kevin: No there isn’t

Michelle: So how come every time I get in it brakes down

Kevin: Maybe my car doesn’t like you (Kevin said jokingly)

Michelle: How much is that going to cost?

Kevin: About eighty quid

Michelle: If I get a car I’m getting Stick to check it over first, cos. it seems like that bloke sold you a heap of shit.

Kevin: That cars okay it only needed some minor work doing on it

Lynda enters the room

Michelle: Mum do you want a cup of tea

Lynda sits next to Amy

Lynda: Yes please Michelle

Michelle: Kevin do you want one

Kevin: Please, remember to put two sugars in it this time

Michelle walks off into the kitchen followed by Dash and Logon

Kevin: Lynda, is it all right if I use the phone quickly to...

Lynda: Yeah sure you can

Kevin: Phone my uncle up the road at the building site

Kevin gets up from the sofa and walks through to the other front room. As he enters the room he sees Chloe hypnotized on the computer. Her head turns toward Kevin

Chloe: Hello Chenivin

Michelle’s sisters always called Kevin by his nicknames

Kevin: What you playing on?

Chloe: Quake

Kevin walks over to the computer desk and sits down on the chair next to Chloe

Kevin: Have you completed Titanic yet?

Chloe: Yeah, but I keep getting shot at the end

Kevin picks the headset of the phone up and dials the numbers thinking out loud “ 640287 “. The phone starts to ring at the other end. Joann the assistant site manager answers the phone

Joann: Good after noon, Jelson builders

Kevin: Hello Joann, is my Uncle there

Joann: Yeah hangon a minute Kevin

The phone line goes quite for a couple of seconds

Mick: Hello Kevin what’s up?

Kevin: Mum says can you pop round sometime tomorrow its regarding granddads caravan

Mick: It’ll be about three

Kevin: Yeah no problem Mum will be in then

Mick: Where are you at the moment?

Kevin: I’m down Michelle’s

Mick: Have you had any power cuts up that end?

Kevin: No cant say that we have, why?

Mick: I don’t know, the whole things fucked up down here, the power keeps going on and off if it 
happens again I’m going home.

Kevin: Maybe it’s a bad connection to the mains

Mick: It ain’t, cos ive already had an electrician look at it this morning, he couldn’t find anything wrong

Kevin: Never mind, just tell everyone it’s a disco

A rough faced man runs into Micks office

Builder: The JCB’s going nutty

Mick: Sorry Kevin ive got to go the JCB’s having a fit

Kevin: Okay Ill see you later

Kevin hangs up the phone and walks back into the front room with a look of mystery on his face

Lynda: What’s wrong Kevin?

Kevin: The JCB’s having a nutter fit and the power keeps failing (He says laughing)

Michelle: Kevin, do you want anything for tea?

Kevin: Yes please can I have fish fingers and chips?

Michelle: Okay it will be about 30 minutes

Kevin and Lynda then concentrate on the television watching an episode of Blue Healers. Michelle put some fish fingers and chips in the oven for Kevin and herself. Amy gets up out of her seat and walks over to the lounge door and she opens the door and walks through into the hallway. Kevin picks up the paper off the fireplace and flicks to the back looking for the crossword. Then once he had found the crossword he then pursued looking for a pen

Kevin: Lynda, I don’t surpose you have a pen I can borrow?

Lynda: Yeah hangon Kevin, ill have a look in my bag

Lynda lifts up her handbag sitting it on her lap she opens the bag and see the glimpse of a pen amongst the sweet wrappers and receipts. She pulls out the blue byro and passes it to Kevin.

Kevin: Cheers!

While everything is going okay at Michelle’s house things are far from okay at the building site

Chapter 3

Builder 1: Mick, the JCB has stopped, it’s as if it’s gone dead

Mick: What?

Builder 1: Come out and have a look

Mick and the builder rush out side to see the JCB just quietly sitting on one of the housing plots. Mick slowly walks right up to the JCB scared not knowing if inside the cab was a mad man waiting, he grabbed one of the lose pieces of scaffolding off the floor and continues towards the JCB. The builder and the rest of the builders all gather in a crowd next to the offices making sure they are well away from the JCB. Mick slowly opens the door of the cab and then quietly creeps his head round. But there is no site of anyone in the cab then he notices that not only that there was no driver that the keys were not in the ignition either. Mick face turned from rosey red to a pale ghost white, his hands fell down by the side of his body letting go of the scaffolding at the same time. One of the builders notices something is wrong so he tries to call Mick.

Builder 1: MICK, what’s wrong?

But the builder does not get a response so he keeps trying

Builder 1: MICK, what the fuck is wrong

But still no response, Mick was standing there not like a man but a concrete statue with a look of fear and worry had struck its face. The rest of the builders had to do something, they were all hesitating to go over there and help Mick. They all look at each other wondering who is going to be brave enough and face the unknown to rescue him. Two of the builders step forward slowly, very carefully they walk over to the JCB taking each step with anticipation. One of the builders gets with in reach of Mick the other stays close behind.

Builder 2: Mick (whispers the builder)

Builder 1: Mick, come on mate

But they both still get no response, Mick looked as if his brain had left his body and they noticed how white his skin was. This made even them two feel un easy between them they decided the best option was to help him back to the offices the closest builder slowly stretched forward his arm moving it towards that of Mick arm. As he gently placed his fingers around it he noticed how stiff his arm was. Then Joann came rushing out and looked at the crowd of workers wondering what was going on.

Joann: What’s going on out here and where’s Mick?

A builder approached Joann

Builder 3: He’s over there by the JCB, rumor is that he just froze

The second builder walks to the other side of Mick and slowly grabs hold of his arm. They both put his arms across the back of their shoulders. They slowly turn to face the offices and walk back towards the portakabin, which is where Micks office was. The rest of the workers made way as they walked Mick into his office, they slung him down in his chair. Joann follows them in

Joann: What’s happened?

Builder 1: I don’t know he was checking out the JCB and he just froze like a statue

Joann: What do you mean froze like a statue

Builder 1: He looked exactly like a statue and even when we tried calling him he didn’t answer

Joann: Right call an ambulance ASAP and once you have done that all of you can go home

The builder’s were worried about Mick as he had been a good mate to them but they were still happy about finishing early. One after one the workers left the site like a convoy of dumper trucks getting smaller and smaller as they disappeared into the distance.

Joann: Mick, Mick wake up

She checked his pulse again and it was okay it seamed as if he was sleeping. Joann walked off into her office to fetch Mick a glass of water. Joann was especially worried about Mick because they were having an affair behind his wife’s back. Although his wife had her suspicions, but she wasn’t sure so she didn’t say anything. Joann heard a strange noise coming from Micks office, she dropped the cup of water she rushed through to his office door trying to get through but the door was shut tight even the handle wouldn’t move. Joann suddenly moved her hand off the handle to realize it was burnt. The door handle was red hot by this time she started to panic and shout Micks name at the top of her voice.

Joann: MICK , MICK can you hear me please respond

The room went quiet, she wanted to know what was going on behind the door of his office. She run he fingers across the top of the door handle, she discovered it was ice cold. Joann thought it was strange how it could be red-hot one minute and ice cold the next minute. She then tightly grasped the door handle with her left hand and gives the door a good push as she opens the door a sudden rush of cold air rushes in through the doorway. Her eyes just drop when she sees what the other side of the door. She expected to see Micks desk in front of her, but all she could was Vauxhall Corsa and the gates at the top of the site. Its as if the whole office had disappeared right in front of her or as if someone had just removed that whole end of the portakabin. She was gob smacked to what and who could have done this. She rushes back into her office and grabs her mobile phone off her desk and dials 999.

Joann: Come on, come on

Telephonist: Hello which service would you like?

Joann tried to speak as clearly as she could, which was hard, as it seemed like someone had cut out her tongue.

Joann: Hello please I need urgent help, my boss has disappeared into thin air

Telephonist: Could you tell me exactly what the problem is please

Joann knew what she was saying was crazy but she need some help so she decided to say something that would get their attention.

Joann: Sorry, I mean that my boss is being held at gunpoint, please hurry

Telephonist: Can I have your name and address please

Joann: Yes its Joann Walker and I’m at the Stamford homes site on Northgate road in West Pinchbeck

Telephonist: Someone will be with you in a couple of minutes

Joann: Please hurry

Joann then ends the call but not only the emergency services were listening. About two miles up the road was a medium sized white van. Behind the van was a black Merc. Inside the Merc were four men all dressed smartly and all wearing long black over coats. The white van had only two people inside and a lot of radar equipment the, one of the two men had been listening to the telephone call from Joann.

John: Ive just heard a really weird phone call

Darren: Have you checked the eccophonometre?

John: Fucking hell

Darren: What?

John: I ve never seen a reading like this before its over 600dpms

Darren: That’s a least 3 time’s the standard reading, are you having a laugh

John: No, the infra reds got some weird readings as well

Darren: Can you locate the source of the reading

John: The same place as where the phone call was made

Darren: Right ill contact the boss

Darren picks up his phone

Darren: Sir we have something that you should check out

Dobson: Okay were on to it, ill see to it that back gets there before you go in

Darren: Okay sir ill wait here until backup gets here

Dobson: Contact the emergency services and cancel the police and the ambulance

Darren: Okay sir, but what happens if she needs an ambulance

Dobson: I’ ll. send the decoys in, make sure you change into the correct clothing

Darren: Okay sir

Darren ends the call and puts down his phone

Darren: John get the van and the Merc ready

John: What’s the word?

Darren: Backup is on the way and it could be the worst situation we have seen yet

Darren dials the emergency services computer system using his computer and encoded modem. Due to the work that Darren does he needs to have legal and illegal computer skills. Darren manages to hack into the computer system and cancels the police and ambulance call. Then he contacts the ambulance that’s already on route.

Darren: Whisky, alpha one two four come in please

Driver: This is whisky, alpha one-two four go ahead

Darren: Return back to base, call has been cancelled

Driver: Okay control, returning to base

Darren then contacts the police car that’s already on route and repeats the procedure. While this has been going on John has been preparing the van. John runs to the side of the van where the open sliding door is.

John: Darren, Darren

Darren: What?

John: Backups here

Darren: Right send the ambulance in first then the decoy police car in two minutes later

John: Okay.

Back at the building site

Joann at this time is getting extremely worked up she doesn’t know what to do. Joann lights cigarette after cigarette the only way to keep her mind off what is going on. Joann hears a van come up the road but then she notices the flashing blue lights at the top. The ambulance pulls into the yard and drives right up towards Joann. Both doors of the ambulance open and two men jump out the ambulance and rush over towards Joann.

Paramedic 1: What’s the problem?

Joann: It’s my boss he just, no you wouldn’t believe me

Paramedic 1: Please Mrs. Walker, tell us what the problem is

Joann: Its Mick my boss earlier he was checking out the JCB and he just froze like a statue. Then we 
managed to get him into his office.

Paramedic 2: We?

Joann: Myself and some of the builders but I sent them home early once you lot had been contacted, anyway once we had got him into his office I left him for just a minute, he didn’t seem like he was in any serious trouble. Then I heard the weirdest noise and when I came back his whole office and everything in it had disappeared.

Paramedic 2: Where about was his office Mrs. Walker?

Joann: It was where your van is parked

Paramedic 2: I better contact control and let them know what the situation is stay here and keep an eye on Mrs Walker

The second paramedic runs over to the ambulance and uses the radio and contacts base.

Paramedic 2: This is DE42 can you put me through to Doctor Dobson please

Telephonist: Hangon

The phone line goes quiet for a couple of seconds

Dobson: What’s the situation down there

DE42: We have a serious problem on our hands, a Mr Mick Morrisson and his office disappeared. I suspect it could be a case of time warptation

Dobson: In English what is time warptation?

DE42: It means when there has been a disturbance in the time line and Mr Morrison has been 
transported to a different time and place

Dobson: You what

DE42: Yes I know sir how it sounds but this sort of thing has been reported twice in the last six years

Dobson: So what do we do then?

DE42: I need the M.O.P team out here ASAP, but for now ILL keep the situation under control

Dobson: Okay they will be with you in two hours time.

DE42: ILL contact Darren and get specials to seal this whole place off

Dobson: Okay I will be there in two hours

The second paramedic jumps back out of the ambulance and uses his mobile phone to contact Darren.

DE42: Darren, send the team in I need a seal up doing

Darren: Okay, there on their way

Chapter 4

Around 50 years ago on Sunday 20th April...

One Sundays the primary school was closed leaving the school and the area around it as peaceful as a graveyard. It was about 5:30 in the evening the local residents were still attending the local church service. The church was packed due to the circumstances around the time.

Since the war started the church almost doubled it congregation. Allot of people turned up to pray for the lost souls of their community who had been lost in battle.

Back at the school the wind really starts to pick up blowing at about 100mph. The sky fills up with dark light and the clouds pack tightly into together. Then the clouds start to roar with big bursts of thunder and lighting strikes the ground forming a structure. The structure starts to form more visible. Then the structure is complete.

Everything goes quiet and the dark light runs into the shadows of the trees. The clouds fade away and the wind blows away.

Mick wakes up in a dark office with no light or heat, he figures he must of fell asleep at his desk will going through wages. Mick gets up out of his chair and heads towards the doorway not noticing that the wildness lies the otherside. Mick things something is wrong because even the orange glowing street lights provide some form of light to which he could guide his way. He walks through the doorway using his hands to guide him, he puts his foot forward expecting to feel the carpet under his feet but his foot keeps on going he falls to the ground flat on his face. Mick’s lays on the long blades of grass for a second then after catching his breath he props himself up and gets back up onto his feet. He swivels his head from left to right noticing that nothing was there not even the site lights. Mick begins to think what was going on, he wonders if it’s a bad dream or if he’s dead. He starts to get extremely worried and tries to get help.

Mick: Hello, Hello is anybody there, please I need help

But no response except the sound of the trees swaying in the wind he keeps trying but still he does not get a response. He notices to his right a dim light in the background he decides his only option is to head towards the light hoping that maybe someone can help him shouting along the way trying to get someone’s attention.

Meanwhile 50 years ahead things are getting strange

Four black Landrovers pull into the yard the doors open on them and out steps 16 Special Forces men. The men are dressed in black each with night vision goggles and enough ammo to start a war. The sixteen men walk over to the second paramedic he begins to brief them

DE42: Listen I need this place sealing down, not even a rat can leave this area

SFM: What’s the situation

DE42: We are not 100% sure but it’s the worst case of time warptation ever documented. A person, a 
Mr Morrison and his office have been transported through time, the location and place is unsure but we are working on it

A scientist runs upto DE42

Scientist: Sir, ive got some very bad news

DE42: What?

Scientist: Were getting some very strange reading, the first is where the office was and the second where the JCB is.

DE42: That don’t sound that bad

Scientist: That’s not all sir, the readings are getting stronger by the minute

DE42: What do you suggest we do?

Scientist: If the areas are not contained with in two hours the space time continuum will

DE42: What, the space time continuum will

Scientist: Disintegrate everything in this village and continue going and this will effect the time line and everything will burst up in flames

DE42: Can we stop it, before it gets too big

Scientist: We can stop it until we work out what has happened here but we can contain it

DE42: How can we contain it

Scientist: By setting up a time fluctuation field around the two areas

DE42: A what

Scientist: Back in the eighties the government invented a machine that could freeze time and space it controlled by six aluminum posts which surround the area. Once the time fluctuation field is activated a dome is created which surrounds the area containing the problem with in

DE42: How long will it take you to set up the time flux, whatever device

Scientist: About 30minutes

DE42: Get onto it now

Scientist: Okay sir

The scientist runs off towards the JCB and DE42 continues on briefing SFM

DE42: I want this place sealing off in five minutes, have your men form formation around the base

The SFM separate and walk off to the edges of the site and begin to seal up. Two of the black vans move towards the two areas. The black landrovers would be mistaken for any other Landrover as they had no official government marking and the drivers were special agents working for a no official agency. But like any government agent they had a cover up theirs was local farmers. The scientists separated into two groups the first group approached the Landrover by the JCB. One of the scientists walked towards the boot and opened it up. Inside the boot was only a number mark three fairly large boxes each but all made out of steel and secured by digital keypad locks. To open each one it would take two people swiping a security card across the swipper at the same time. This method was used to prevent just anyone opening the cases, but once the cards had been swipped an eight digit passcode had to be entered in less than a minute otherwise the cases would lock up for good.

Five other scientists walked to the boot and they each help to carry the three cases in front of the Landrover. The other team was doing the same preparing on the Time Fluctuation device
Two of the cases contained the four laser like towers which where slotted together. In the third case was the brain of the machine it was a highly powered laptop, which all four towers connected to. Although this machine was easy to use it was still very dangerous, even if the calculations were out slightly it could have deasterous effects.

But the scientists knew what they were doing as head of the operation was the scientist who invented the machine. But before the machines could be set up the cases had to be opened. The head scientist and his assistant carried the security cards but only the head scientist knew the eight-digit passcode. The head scientist and his assistant walked over to each case opening them one by one each releasing a whooshing of compressed air. Once they had done the three cases by the JCB they walked over to the second team and did the same. Once the cases had been opened the cards were returned to their secure casing which was under lock and key. Once the security cards had been returned safely the two teams began to construct the devices. Setting up them took around half an hour but even they knew that time was running short.

Every one but the scientists had been evacuated from the affected areas for there own safekeeping. DE42 carefully watched the team of scientists being on guard ready for their help but in the mean time he decided to approach Joann to find out what exactly had happened.

Joann wasn’t sure what to believe as the world that she thought she knew was not the one that actually existed. She was having problems coming to terms with what had happened only an hour ago. The paramedic tried to comfort Joann buy talking to her and calming her down. DE42 called the paramedic over. The paramedic was a young female agent which had just come out of training but she was highly attractive and won the hearts of all the male agents and some of the females as well.She had a nick name which was Foxy but her real name was Mary Consella

DE42: What’s Joanns condition?

Mary: She’s a little bit shuck up but apart from that okay

DE42: Has she said anything about what happened yet

Mary: Only briefly, about Mick disappearing and then it all went quiet

DE42: What’s her history?

Mary: She was born in 1978 in Peterborugh county hospital and raised as any normal child.
It’s also rumored that she was having an affair with Mick

DE42: Right what I need you to do is get as much information as you can once you have put her in a holding cell at base.

Mary: Yes sir, anything else

DE42: Ah, that reminds me get a list of all the workers here make up some story that Joann discovered 
an unexploded bomb which had been here for fifthty years or so. Give them all a week's holiday. Then evacuate all the residents with in a mile radius sealing off all roads and arrange regular patrols.

Mary: What about the visibility of the site it could be seen for miles?

DE42: Use some flexy camo sheeting over the whole place

Mary: Okay sir, I’ll get onto it right away

Then Mary runs back over to Joann and crouches beside her continuing to comfort her. DE42 walks back over to the JCB. He pulls a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket flips open the top and draws one out. He then return’s the slightly tattered fag packet back to his pocket. He places the cigarette in his mouth perched only in place by his lips, he digs deeper into his other pocket amongst the keys of his house and car he finds a petrol lighter, he grabs hold of it and pulls the light out of his pocket. He grasps the light tightly in his right hand and with his left flips opens the lid, he cups his hands together and move the lighter to the tip of the cigarette using his right thumb he strikes the flint it takes he a couple of goes to get the light going. He crests the end of the fag with the flame of the lighter until it is lit. He then places the lighter back in his pocket and then inhales deeply, DE42 only ever smoked one brand of cigarettes and never got low either, he smoked Silk cut, as they were not as strong as other brands of cigarettes. He always dressed in black wearing the same pair of wilkos sunglasses he had had for five years. Maybe he thought they brought him luck as people say with a lucky coin or a four-leaf clover. He did carry a gun it was a standard issue side arm 6 chamber pistol every agent had them but they were always keep hidden under their left arm in a holster and spare rounds of ammo were kept on the back of their belt.

DE42 was really high up in the organization and had a reputation for getting the job done. He takes another drag on his cigarette while grasped between his middle and forefinger on his right hand. Ash was mounting up at the end of the cigarette he struck his thumb across the filter end of the cigarette to knock the ash off. He takes a look round noticing the scientist hard at work putting together the machine they had nearly finished putting the laser towers together. Meanwhile Joann was looking a bit confused to what was going on to her this situation looked like something out of the X-files, she slapped her self around the face, Joann also smoked she also smoked silk cut she was already smoking one but only taking a drag every minute or so a cluster of ash which was about two centimeters long had built up one the end of the cigarette. Although the whole thing confused Joann she kept her eyes on the team of scientists near by working against the clock to put the machine together. Joann could see the actual ball of energy growing at a fast rate and she had also over heard a couple of the scientists talking and she knew what would happen if they didn’t get it working in time. She aimlessly flicked the ash off the end of her cigarette on to the floor by her feet. The Mary was also interested in what was going on, as she had never experienced something like this in training college.

She was concentrating on the large ball of energy growing only about fithteen feet away. So started to happen to the ball of energy it started to shrink rapidly getting as small as a football. For a couple of minutes it remained this size all of the scientists were amazed as not even they had seen something like this before. The ball of energy started to spit out ball of energy, which disappeared within five centements of the core. It resembled the sun but sound like a ten-force gale and thunder storm mixed together, the noise was deathening that everyone had to cover their ears. The ball of energy then went quiet for about thirty seconds everyone just stood in amazement, as it was fairly hypnotic to watch. The ball of energy exploded sending out a shock wave, which threw everyone, back about ten feet. The shock wave rippled off into the distance it looked like a bright blue light. Even after the explosion you could hear a whooshing sound as it disappeared off in the distance going as fast as a fighter jet trying to break the sound barrier. All of the lights flicked for a couple of seconds then continued burning a normal.

DE42 pulled himself up off the floor slowly brushing the dirt off his coat at the same time Intrigued by what had just happened. He then brushed down his trousers using the palms of his hands. He decided tom approach the head scientist he walked towards him. The head scientist had only just got up off the floor. He saw DE42 coming towards him and he knew what he was going to ask him. The rest of the scientists slowly got back on their feet, by this time the ball of energy had returned to it original size.

DE42: What the hell was that?

Head: A time shock wave

DE42: Has it done any damage to the equipment

Head: Its getting close before it completely explodes, we must hurry and get the equipment set up by 
my calculations if another shock wave like that happens it will have the force and the power of a nuclear bomb

DE42: Has it done any damage to the equipment though

Head: No, it only seems to have affected the power

DE42: How long is it before you have the machines running

Head: About three minutes

DE42: Get to it otherwise we could all end up in 1942, which would completely mess the time line up

The machine had an automated voice and a silicon chip, which was as powerful as the human brain without the mistakes. DE42 heard a phone ringing from his jacket pocket, he reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out the phone he pressed the answer button then placed the headset against his left ear.

DE42: DE42, go ahead

Dobson: What’s the situation?

DE42: Everything’s on track, the machines nearly ready

The two balls of energy started to fluctuate as it did just before it sent out a shock wave as it did before. The scientists working on the two machines did not notice the fluctuations in the balls of energy. The balls of energy changed colour from the fire red to a nuclear blue, instead of shrinking like they had done before they expanded. They had grown an inch in size, DE42 turned round to see what was going on he noticed that the balls of energy were fluctuating.

DE42: Everybody evac NOW!

The scientists and agents wondered what was going, as to why he was calling evac

DE42: Come on, there’s going to be another shock wave

Once everyone realized they started rushing about all over the place looking for cover only to find the sides of vans and the JCB. The two balls of energy exploded sending two shockwaves out this time they were three times as powerful as the first set rippling through the air faster than the speed of light. It was such a beautiful thing to see it was like the ring of light around the eclipse of the sun so bright and hypnotizing.

One of the scientists gets up who was behind the JCB, he scarcely notices that the JCB had disappeared in front of his eyes and so has his two assistants which were crouched down beside him. His hair was ruffled as it had been blown by a ten-force gale he looked around to notice other things had disappeared. Two of the black Landrovers had disappeared and all that was left of them was a burn mark on the floor as was the same case for where the JCB had been. But there was no crater as if it had exploded. The full effects of the shockwave were unknown at that moment in time. 
Meanwhile DE42 had also noticed the effects that the shock wave had caused. He quickly pulled himself to his feet and rushed over to the scientist by where the JCB was.

DE42: How long is it before the machines are operational?

Scientist: I was just about to activate them

DE42: Are they damaged in any way?

Scientist: Everything seems to be okay, but since my assistants have disappeared ill need your help in 
activating them

DE42: What do you want me to do?

The scientist walked over to the control panel of the first machine and DE42 followed

Scientist: Right in order for the machine to work, two keys have to be turned in the lock at exactly the same time.

The scientist pulled the key out from his labcoat pocket and passed one to DE42

Scientist: Take the key and insert it into control lock one

The scientist did the same but putting his key in control lock two

Scientist: Right on the count of three turn the key as hard as you can to your right, right are you ready

DE42: Yeah lets just do it

Scientist: Okay, Three ... two ... one, TURN

They both turned the key at the same time then letting go of the keys. The control panel powered up and the computer started to active the time fluctuation field

Computer: Time fluctuation field activating in TEN . . . . . NINE . . . . . eight, seven, six, five four, three, two, one, field is active

A big electromagnetic surge came from the control panel and went trough the cables up into the four towers. Then the nuclear pink electromagnetic formed small laser beams they connected to each of the towers resembling a spider’s web but in the shape of a football. DE42 was amazed, as he had never seen the machine at work before.

Scientist: Computer, what’s the current power percentage?

Computer: 46 % sir

Scientist: Computer overwrite safety protocol alpha 6

Computer: Password please?

Scientist: Password is, PP1QXR2, authorization head scientist Thomas Lunn

Computer: Authorization correct access gained

Scientist: Computer increase power level to 70 %

Computer: Power level increased

Scientist: Computer automatically active control panel two on the other machine

Computer: Control panel two activated

Scientist: Activate machine two on a count down of three minuses

Computer: Activating number two in t minus Three, two, one, machine is active

As with the first machine the second powered up and with a 70 % power level. They both resembled the headlamps on a car.

Scientist: Computer, you have control of both machines I will now give you the manual control lock code, XX4BA1 Authorization Thomas Lunn

Computer: Authorization accepted manual input has been locked out

DE42: Will the machines hold?

Scientist: As long nothing goes wrong, then yes they will hold, I do how ever stress for security reasons that every non-essential person is evacuated to a safe distance

DE42: Okay, I’ll get onto it now, everybody gather round

All the scientists and agents all walk upto DE42

DE42: Listen I want non-essential personnel to report over to the van and stay there until instructed otherwise

Everyone apart from himself and the head scientist all walked over to the van

Meanwhile just after the time shockwave about 50 years ago . . ..

In the car that General Dobson was travelling the driver noticed that the road had disappeared and that all the street lamps were gone as well. The driver thinking that it is extremely strange he decides to pull over to see what was going

Dobson: Driver what are you doing?

Driver: I’m pulling over because I think we have gone the wrong way and I’m going to check

Dobson: Okay driver carry on

The driver started slowing and came to a complete halt. The driver opened his door and removed his seat belt, he then got out of the car. As he put his first foot on the ground it felt really lumpy he then much like wasteland. Then he put his other foot on the ground and glanced around. He walked the front of the truck shutting the door behind him the headlamps shone right across the ground for about 400 yards. He knelt down at the side of the headlamp and put his hand on the ground noticing that it was mud

Driver: Mud, ugh?

The driver was amazed, as he would have noticed if he had come off the road and gone into a field. To find out if he had just come off the road he decided to check the rear of the truck. He walked to the back and opened the boot. He reached inside amongst all of the equipment and rubbish for the torch. The general wondered what was going and decided to ask the driver.

Dobson: Driver what’s going on?

Driver: I’m not sure, but I will know more in a couple of minutes

Dobson: Okay but be as quick as you can as me need to get to the site in the next ten minutes

The driver found the torch in the boot and pulled it out. He also noticed that the streetlights had

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