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Star Wars - The Dark Side

The dark side

20 years later....

All of the problems with the trade federation were settled after Darth Maul had been defeated by Qui-Gon in a hand to hand battle in the Queens palace on Naboo. It was a long and tring battle because Darth Maul was a sith lord the most powerful evil in all of space and sith lord had a reputation for getting the job done wether it be an assination or total chaos then a sith lord would do the job. Qui-Gon still tells of the great battle between good and evil even to a passing trader or in a bar, and people are willing to listen. He also tells of Anakin`s great victory in the podrace on his home planet, how he won just by a fraction against the best in the whole of the galaxy making Anakin a master of podracing. Anakin gave up the glory of podracing to become what he had always wanted a Jedi knight and the best of their kind. Obi-wan had passed that great test all jedi`s must face the meaning of true peace, Obi-wan learned after Drath Maul was defeated what true peace was. Peace is the coming together of two species to help each other even if they had problems between them, it was this courage that made it possible for the Gogans and humans to survive in peace

Anakin later returned to his home planet to find his mum only to discover she had died by illness called `red rose` although the illness may sound good its not its a illness where all of your skin form patterns in the shape of a red rose and eventually the sun light reacts with the illness and dries up all of your blood which stops your heart from beating and you have a heart attack.
Anakin makes his way to Watto`s junk shop to find out more, in walks in a see an old creature with hair as long as his body and ragged old clothes the same ones he wore when he left the hot planet, he also notices a slave of about 12 with old clothes that hadn’t been washed since the dawn of time. Anakin approached Watto and Watto said “ The great podrace has returned” Anakin thought how could he know me after such a long time surely he would have forgotten this little boy who had great ambitions so Anakin replied “ So your still in the juck business and gambling away your republic credits then”. Watto just looked at Anakin with a twitch of envy in his eyes, to see what Anakin had become and the fortune he could of once had and Watto replied “ Hows Qui-gon then, has he trained you to be a jedi yet”
“ Yes replied Anakin” said Anakin with a shrew look on his face
“ One of the best are you? Asked Watto in a sarcastic manor
“ Better than Darth Maul”replied Anakin
Watto began to relise the true power this Jedi knight that had once been a slave, Watto knew that this was someone not to be messed with after remembering what Qui-gon was like and Obi-wan. Watto just sat in silence while Anakin pulled out a picture, which he handed to Watto. Watto recognised this face but could not remember who it was as he had seen so many people in the past, then Anakin said “ Thats my mother, I know how she died but....
“ Yes your mother was a fine slav.... person” Watto forgetting who he was looking at so he just smiled at Anakin just to apologise for his use of words about his mother. Anakin replied “ How did she catch red rose?”. Watto did`nt know what to say as it was partly his fault but Watto knew that Anakin sensed this and Anakin said “ So how was it your fault then? Watto sat in his chair with his head facing the desk and he was cleaning the same thing over and over again it looked like a Hyperdrive converter for an A-type starfighter “ I sold her a microsaber, which I didn’t know honest”
“I believe you, what has the microsaber got to do with my mothers death” replied Anakin in an agitated manor.
“ When they did an ortopsey on your mother they notice that their had been high amount of taron radiation in her body which must have mutated her blood, causing the illness `Red Rose to infect her” Watto replied in a low voice.
“ What happened to her body” asked Anakin. But Anakin knew what happened to all slaves, they were fed to sand lice, and never seen again.
“ She was berried in the sand just out of town” replied Watto
“ You mean feed to the sand lice” asked Anakin in a angry tone of voice. Watto raised his head at Anakin for the first time, and Anakin saw that time had taken it`s affects on him.
“ Yes” replied Watto in a petrified manor, daring not to look Anakin straight in the eyes as his guilt was to much for him. Anakin could sense this, but was not angry at him, because if it wasn’t for him then he would have never built threepeoo and entered the podrace which got him off the planet.
“ You can look me in the eyes Watto, its not your fault its mine” replied Anakin in a reassuring tone of voice. Watto told Cinta to go around the back, just so he could talk to Anakin without anyone else knowing and not to show soft he really was.
“ Im really sorry Anakin, but if had know then I would never have sold her the faulty microsaber” Watto just stared at Anakin with a look of sadness in his eyes, which Anakin had never seen before. But would he have been so nice if he wasn`t looking at a Jedi Knight, would he have treaten Anakin as he did when he was a small child and as he does Cinta. Then Anakin wondered about his child hood creation of threepeoo, his only friend that he had left behind to face the test of time, so he looked at Watto and asked “ You know that droid I built called....”
“ Ah yes threepeoo, which you never got round to finishing. I’ve got him out back” Watto replied in a happy tone of voice as Anakin had changed the conversation.
“ Cinta,Bring out that old droid with no casing” Shouted Watto
Out came this droid which hadn’t seen the light of day for many years you could see all of the muck and dust which had gathered on him year after year.
“ I was going to throw him away, you got here just in time. I could never work the Dam thing” replied Watto in a tried tone of voice
Cinta returned to the back, as Watto had told him to in the first place. Anakin twisted the droids fingers 90 degrees and the droid started to shake, dust and muck fell all over the place covering other parts such as an old engine off a Podtransporter and other pieces of junk which had collected up over a period of time. The droid then looked at Anakin and it eyes lit up, which Anakin knew was a good sign then the droid spoke
“ Master is that you, is that you”
“Yes it is your master, Anakin” replied in an excited tone of voice. The reason Anakin was happy is that this childhood creation still worked which reminded him of when he was a little boy still living with his mother. This helped Anakin to remember his mother and the sacrifice she made for him all those years age. Anakin wanted to take Threepeoo with him, but even Watto could sense this.
“ You can take him if you want, for nothing” replied Watto. Maybe he said this because he still felt guilty for his mothers death. Cinta returned with a stock list in his hands and said “ Sorry to bother you master”
“ Yes what is, come one spit it out” as he shouted at Cinta
“ Ive got governor tarttwo on the com” replied the little slave boy with a shaky voice
“ Excuse me Anakin I have Governor tarttwo on the com, I wont be a minute” as he rushed his voice
Watto went into his office the back of the shop, Anakin knew how long he would be on the com so Anakin decided to make a quick exit with threepeoo.

On Naboo, Queen Admelia had just attended a meeting between representatives for the federation or planets. Admilia was now 34 years old and she wasn’t the bossy teenager she once was, she was a beautiful young woman with look any man or Jedi would die for. Admilia still wears the royal robes as its part of Naboo`s tradition. Admilia knew it was time for her to get married, but to who. That was the question that had been on her mind ever since she was just 18 years old. Admilia had completely forgotten about little Anakin Skywalker and what he said about the both of them.A young servant approached her outside the conference hall
“ Your highness I have an urgent message for you from Agemo” said the servant
“ Thankyou, I will speak to Ambassador Agemo as soon as possible” replied Admilia in an unsure voice.
At that moment Admilia rushed to her private office on the top floor. Her Office is what you would expect for a queen including the finest goods from all over the galaxy, such as limited edition lightsabor only on of its kind created by Darth Maul and a old phaser which she acquired on her trip to Consracant all those years ago.
the Office was big and spacious. From the windows you could see the whole of Nabbo.
Admilia walked over to her desk and answered her com.
“ Yes Ambassador Agemo, whats the problem” asked Admlia
“ Something terrible has happened, to the planet Reerca” said Agemo in a confused and worried tone
“ What, has happened?” asked Admilia in an impatient tone of voice.
“ Imperial storm troopers have stormed all of our major cities and have put an order law over our people, if anyone attempts to leave the planet will be vapourised. They seem to have a new kind of weapon which vapourises anything including a whole battle cruiser. We fear the worst for our people as we are out manned and out gunned 10 to 1”
said Ambassador Agemo
“ What can I do to help” Said Admelia
But Admilia knew how power full storm troopers are, so she tried to sound as hope full as she could.
“ Find the Jedi knights by the name of Qui-Gon and Obi-wan and ask them t....” His voice faded, from what looked like bad static or reception. Admilia tried to re-establish the communication link hoping to get Agemo back on the line but through all her efforts , she could do nothing but pray. Then Admilia got hold of one of her royal com`s expert
“ Yes your highness how may I help,” Com`s expert
“ Can you locate Qui-gon and Obi-Wan, its important” Admilia said in a worried tone of voice. All Admillia could do was wait and hope that they could be contacted. Admilia walked back and forth past her window just waiting for the com ring.

In a bar on the planet Tealath Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were having the usual wokey drink, which could only be found by ewok black market traders, which for something off the black market cost an arm and a leg. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan`s com started to ring.
“ Hello Qui-gon here ” Said Qui-Gon
“ I have an urgent message from Queen Admilia” replied the com`s expert of Naboo
“ Put her through” said Qui-Gon in a merry state
“ Qui-Gon , I have a mission of the up most importance, Imperial storm troopers have taken control of all of the major cities of the planet Reerca” Replied the Queen
“ Whos behind the attack” asked Qui-Gon
“ Were not exactly sure but we fear it could be a Sith lord” Admilia replied in a uncertain tone of voice
“ I thought I wiped out the last of the sith lords when I defeated Darth Maul and Darth Sidious”
“ It could also be a person called Artictus rom Reerca”
They both left the bar and headed towards the ship with supplies for the journey, just as they were about to get on the ship Qui-Gon said to Obi-Wan
“ Don’t forget to recharge your Light saber, you remember the trouble you had back on Naboo when you forgot to recharge your Light Saber” Said Qui-Gon in a sarcastic manor
“ Never, I might just forget to recharge it and get killed by a Storm Trooper” replied Obi-Wan
Qui-Gon just laughed and they carried on into the ship. Qui-Gon head toward the cockpit to speak to Anakin only to realise that Anakin was trying to contact him. Qui-Gon answered the con.
“ Qui-Gon, I sensed something terrible happening” said Anakin
“Yes, the planet Reerca has been over run by Imperial storm troopers. We are not sure whos behind it but Admilia has trying to find out for us. Can you rondevou with Obi-wan and I at the 3rd planet from Reerca.”
“ Yes Qui-Gon and may the force be with you”
“ and you Anakin Skywalker.
After that Qui-Gon hung up the com and returned to his seat.

The ship that Qui-Gon and Obi-wan were travailing on was the last of its kind and older that the both of them put together. Qui-Gon on it as part as a bet back 5 years ago. The ship had seen may battles and be repaired may times but they were still attached to it and would not trade it for the galaxy.

Back on Naboo....
the com started to ring and Admilia answered it, it was ambassador Agemo
“ Yes ambassador” answered Admilia
“ Have you any news on our situation. Sorry i had to cut off but someone was on to me” replied the Ambassador
“ Yes, two of the best Jedi knights are on their way to you called, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan . They should be with you in hours”
“ Thankyou your highness, I appreciate it very much” replied the ambassador with delight”
The ambassador hung up. The queen was feeling much better knowing that help was on the way . She knew how good Qui-Gon and Obi-wan were, defeating the two evil Sith lords. Admilia wanted to contact the members of the federation, so she could update them on the situation at Reerca. So admilia contacted the com`s expert.
“ Can you arrange at meeting as soon as possible with the other members of the federation as soon as possible”
“ Yes your highness, they are all still in the building, i will set up an emergancy meeting in the conference.
“ Thankyou and tell them its a level one emergancy”Admilia replied

Admilia headed towards the conference hall of the palace. But the palace was more like a big hotel more that a palace. Padme and the rest of the handmaids followed her to the conference hall, but insisted that they remain outside the conference hall just so no one but the members of the federation knew.Admilia walked into the conference hall with all the members of the federation sitting to the left, to the right. Admilia had a special seat seems she was the queen but if she had been like the other members of the federation then she would have sat equally to them and the leader of that planet would have the special chair, its not really a special chair as such just reserved for the queen at the head of the table. Admilia seated and the conference doors were closed.Admilia began to speak
“ A situation of the up most importance has arised on Reerca. Imperial storm troopers have seised all of the major cities and have given orders that if anyone leaves they will be vapourised. We know that they have a new weapon which can vapourise anything from one person to a whole battle crusier, which is a very powerful weapon. We are not sure who is behind the attack there are couple of possibilities such as Darth Maul”
“ I thought he was killed” asked one of the members
“ Yes, we thought he was as well but who knows what the dark side of the force is capable of. The other persons could be Darth Sidious and an evil man called Artictus Star a big time black market trader, who can get hold of anything from light sabours or whole battle ships in the matter of days. I have two of the best Jedi`s on the case Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, who defeated the Sith lords in the first place. They expect to be at Naboo in a matter of hours and will do their best to bring this situation to an end.
Have you, the members of the federation any questions”
“How can two Jedi Knights defeat a whole army of imperial storm troopers, i ask”
“ They won`t be alone I am putting together an army of Gogans and humans to leave Naboo in the next 48 hours” replied the queen.
“ Yes your highness, if your army does not suceed then what is your back up plan” asked one of the memebers in antispation
“ Yes we have thought of that already and we have come up with a back up plan. We have made a deal with the Dillers of the planet Orcasination. They will provide a back up army if we let there high members of council join the federation” replied Queen Admilia
“But the Dillers are as evil as the sith lords, your highness” Asked on of the members
“ Yes this is true but it is in our favour that they are willing to help us. Another thing about the dillers is that they have had so much war and problems in the history of their planet which makes them appear as evil as Darth sidious, but they are not they just want a fair chance like the rest of the galaxy”. With that Admilia ended the meeting and returned to her office only to find a friend of the past standing before her. The creature had long floppy ears and looked much like a cross between a fish and a toad and then she remember this general of the army she had once forgotten and she said
“ Jar Jar how are you”
“ Mesa finna, yoursa highness. Iama nowwn da leadder of da Gogan armay”replied Jar Jar in a delighted voice. Jar Jar turned round and Admilia saw smartly dressed gogan with medals on the breast pocket of his uniform and strips down the left hand side on the arm of the jacket. He also had a important looking hat on which must symbol his high position in the army. The hat was black like the rest of his uniform much like the one her royal security gaurds used. Admilia did not want to affend this friend of hers
so she just replied
“ So I see your the leader of the gogan army now”
“ Yessa mesa da ladder ofa da gogan armay. Da boosa died in da biggada battle dand da vest ofa da Gogans mada me da ladder ofa da gogan armay” replied Jar Jar in a proud and dignified manor
Admilia didn`t know what to say as Jar Jar had never been able to creat a great conversation. So she offered Jar Jar a drink instead
“Would you like a drink, Jar Jar”
“ Mesa donna drink itsa badda for youa. Butta dank dou anyway dour highness” replied Jar Jar in a greatfull manor.
“ Jar Jar what is your view on the situation on Reerca, then” replied the queen in an un sure tone
“ Mesa dink itsa dery badda situation danda ia willada hulp asa much das i canna. Ima soory butta ima mutsa leavea. Iva hava toa perare for battle” after that Jar Jar bowed to the Queen and left. Then the queen stood there thinking about Jar Jar and how well hes done, but he said he was willing to help , as the queen mumbled to her self. Suddenly she heared at knock at the door and she answered
“ Yes who is it”
“ I have a urgent message from Reerca to be given by hand” replied the door man
“Okay just a minute” she said and then she hit the door open button. Two door men entered the room and Admilia thought it was strange for two door men to deliver one message, but she just thought it could be a new door man learinmg the ropes. Another thing Admilia noticed was a strange looking box attached to both of their belts ,it was`nt very big but it looked like something she had never seen before. One of the doormen closed the door behind them and they approched they queen . Suddenly Admilia noticed something weird about the two doormen their whole body was transforming.
Until the first one revealed it`s true self Darth Sidious and the other looked like a renegade Jedi Knight. Although she couldnt help it the renegade Jedi looked very similar to Qui-Gon, but she knew that Qui-Gon got killed by Darth Maul then the renegade Jedi began to speak
“ I sense that you recognise me, well i am Qui-Gon`s brother ,who he thought died back on our home planet. Darth sidious here showed me the true meaning of the force and the power the dark side offered, unlike Qui-Gon my name is Darth seal, but before i became a renegade Jedi I was called Qui-Don.” replied Darth seal with a small gin on his face.Then Darth sidious began to speak
“ Your people have done well to defeat my son Darth Maul and his army of doids but this time you wont do so well without you by their side” replied Darth sidious with an even bigger grin on his face.

Just then two more men diguised as door men walked in hauling a big rectangular shape box with air holes either side. They put the box near the window and left, bowing to Darth sidious on their way out. Suddenly the box started to started to shake
“ How do you expect to get away with this as soon as they relise im gone they will send a whole army after you” Admilia replied in a scared tone of voice
“ But they wont know your gone” darth sidious started to laugh louder and louder
The box door opened and what looked like a mirror image of Admilia stepped out the box and walked towards darth sidious.
“ See your highness I have even thought of everything” replied darth sidiuos in a sarcastic manor
By this time Admilia was very worried and simply replied
“ How could you do such a thing to me and my fellow people”
“ Easy when you know how, your highness now please get in the box of i will vapourise you” darth sidious replied
Admilia did as she was told but only for her people. She knew that even if she didn`nt survive then she knew help was on it`s way. With that Admilia stepped into the box with no resistance at all”
“ Just so you don`t try and escape you will be asleep for most of the jorney” and darth sidious just laughed
Then Admilia heared a hissing sound coming from the sides of the box, unsure what it was Admilia just helped and prayed trying to thinking of her people and then she started to feel very sleepy she tried to stay awake , but what ever she tried it was no good. Then her eyes just closed up and the box made a bleeping sound
Darth sidious pointed to the door and as if by magic the two doormen returned and removed the box and darth sidious added
“ Take her to my ship in one of the royal cargo ship`s and then transfer her to cargo bay”and with that the two door men left the room and it was darth sidious and the new queen left on their own.
“ You know what the plan is”
“ Yes master” she replied in a scared tone of voice
“ You know what happens if defie m, you will end up like your brother. NOW get to work” He shouted in a loud way that could even deafen the dead
The new Queen thought of her brother Packin actin and knew that darth sidious mean`t what he said. When he mentioned her brothers death. She was angry at darth sidious for this and was hoping that mabey Obi-Wan or one of the other Jedi`s would deaft him. She then had this feeling that darth sidious could sense what she was saying and she remained quite.

Back on Anakin ship. Anakin had now a collection or droids threepeoo and artoo detoo. He thought one droid was hard to handle but two really was testing his patience and plus the fact that threepeoo was always having discustion with artoo detoo and it always ended up with one of the damaging each other. Anakin had learned how to deal with the two droids by now, he simply threatened to sell them both to the ewok`s, which normally shut them up. Anakin was checking his lightsabour just be on the safe side and then Qui-Gon`s vision appeared as if out of nowhere
“ Obi-Wan , you must take great car ided to meditate to gain strength for the times ahead. When Anakin was meditating he could hear the voice of darth sidious calling him an he kept saying “ Come to the dark Anakin it has so much to show you” this made Anakin think but he thought of Admilia and Obi-wan and darth sidous`s voice disappeared. Anakin thought probably this is my true destany the path of a sith lord to become what Obi-Wan deafted. How could Anakin be sure of what he was feeling so he decided to contact queen Admilia and she what she was up to.So Anakin went to the front of the ship into the cockpit and established a link to Admilia over the com it started to ring and she answered, but something was different about her but he could`nt be sure so he decided to test her and waited for her to speak.
“ Hello Anakin how are you, what`s the problem” replied the new queen trying to do the best she can, because inpersanating someone else is`nt easy.
“ I thought i would cotact you to tell you that iam rendevouing with Obi-Wan at the 3rd planet from Reerca and should be there in 30minutes” replied Anakin in an unsure manor
“ Good Anakin, very good, very good indead”replied the new queen. With that she hung up. Anakin got thinking Admilia was nice to me but never that nice not like she wanted to marry me or something. Talking to Admilia made him feel very uneasy so he decided to check the computer systems, so when he meet up with Obi-Wan he would be ready for any surprises take for example a whole army of killer droids or a battle crusier just siting there waiting for them. Anakin asked threepeoo and Artoo Detoo to
help him check the computer systems to make sure they work and artoo replied
“ beeep bep beep beep”
“ Yes i know it`s hard to check the whole ship in thirty minutes Artoo, but we must be ready”and with that artoo just wheeled off to the end of the ship.Threepeoo followed artoo arguging on the away about parts of the ship which needed check moaning as usual, but this didn`t bother Anakin as he had his mind on other things.

Meanwhile back on Naboo in the queen`s office.
Admilia`s replacement opened a small metal case about the size of a laptop computer and it opened to what looks like a comunicating device with a scrambler attached to it so no one else could work out who she was contacting but she knew all right. The machine turned it`s self on as soon as she opened then lid, she was nervious speaking to Darth sidious as she knew as well as he did that he could killer her were ever she was
She acessed darths sidious on the com and began to speak
“ My lord i have located Anakin and Obi-Wan they are meeting at the third planet from Reerca in about 20 minutes”
“ Good work, i shall have a battle cruiser meet them at the 3rd planet in 15 minutes and remeber to update me every time you get some news”darth sidious replied in a delighted manor and hung up the com.The new queen then closed back up the case which contained the comunicating device and put it under her desk then on the palace`s comunicating system established a link with Jar Jar the leader of the Gogan army
“ Jar Jar i need help emidatly, imperial storm troopers have surrounded the planet and back up is required, and by the way the have managed to get hold of our starfighters” replied Admilia replacement trying to sound as certain as possible. She then made the same message to the Queen starfighters but telling them that the imperial storm troopers have managed to get hold of the Gogans starfighters. She thought to her self this plan is working perfectly so the Queens army and the Gogans would have defeated each other making it impossible for any of there craft to leave the planet and resolve the situation on Reerca, but the Queen also had to stop the Dillers from helping so she decided to send three of the Queen starfighters towards the Dillers home planet loade with torpedos strong enough to get them to respond but not strong enough to wipe them out.So she opened a com link to the hanger.
“ I need starfighters to leave as soon as possible for the Dillers home planet” said the queens replacement
“ But why your highness” asked the hanger manager
“ Because a situation has arrised on the home planet of the Dillers, they have sided with the imperial storm troopers and are planning to attack us. They also have an atomic space torpedo ready to use on our planet” and with that she hung up. The hanager manager sounded the alarm “ this is a class one alert all reserve pilots report to the hanger asap” The pilots arrived but there were more than the Queen had asked for the hanger manager thought.
“ The queen only asked for three of you but iam sending all eight of you instead. The dillers have decided to side with the imperial storm troopers and have a atomic space topedo which they are planning to use on our planet, this weapon must be destroyed your targets are the weapons camps at the south of the main capital. Any questions”
“ No, then get moving people come on, come on time is off the essance, now go”
The pilots all jumped into starfighters and started up the engine, the noise was deafening it was that loud it could be heared up in the queen office. All of the pilots check there engines and systems and one after another they said
“ Iam clear for takeoff alpha one”
One after another as like a convoy they took off increasing speed as they went until they could not be seen anymore. The hanger manager returned to his office to file a report on the situation.

Back in the queen office...
“ My plan has worked brillently and soon Reerca will be completely helpless, now all i have to do is contact darth sidious, to tell him of my news, but not until all the nessary paper work has been deleted” and with that she hacked into the palce`s computers and deleted the hanger managers report and all of the outgoing call`s and also the records of when she docked here and the records for when queen Admilia left with darth sidious.
Now all she had to do is just wait for Anakin and Obi-Wan to be detained by darth sidious`s troops which would be soon and she had so wait for the results of the scam she pulled.She opened a com line to reception
“ Send me up something to eat and make it quick” she replied in an impatent tone of voice.
“ Anything else your highness” asked the rectionist
“ Yes there is accuatually, send me the finest bottle of wine”

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